There were a total of 3 SAR imaging systems developed for this dissertation.  The first is an S-band linear rail SAR which is capable of imaging targets in free space and behind lossy dielectric slabs at stand-off ranges.  This system is capable of SAR imaging 6” tall carriage bolts in free space using only 5 pico-watts of transmit power.  It is capable of imaging groups of 6” tall carriage bolts or groups of aluminum soda cans behind a lossy dielectric slab using only 10 milli-watts of transmit power at a 30’ stand-off range from the slab.  Shown here are SAR images of targets in free space at various levels of transmit power, and targets behind a lossy dielectric slab.  Also shown here are the actual target scenes with various radar placements and dielectric slabs.

A Low-Power Radar Imaging System:  The S-Band Through-Slab Rail SAR Imagery