It is difficult to describe this part of the dissertation in so few words.  This is a real-time through-slab SAR imaging system, which produces a SAR image on a computer screen in real-time.  It is basically a radar video camera which can see through dielectric slabs (or you can SAR image things in real-time in free space, you decide).  You can image moving or stationary targets.  This radar operates at stand-off ranges, approximately 20’, or more if need be.  The transmit power is 1 milli-watt.  The large antenna array shown connects to a switch matrix.  The switch matrix connects the S-band rail SAR front ends to the array.  More info is available if you look at the pdfs.

Most of the pictures shown here are of the array at various times during its construction.  This was a massive project!  Very exciting results though.

A Low-Power Radar Imaging System:  The Real-Time S-Band Through-Slab Antenna Array SAR Imaging System Hardware