Shown here is data from the real-time through-slab imaging S-band radar system.  Two experiments are shown; free space and behind a lossy dielectric slab.  In both cases transmit power was 1 milli-watt.  When imaging targets behind a slab the radar was located 20 feet from the slab and targets were approximately 10 feet behind the slab.  A video camera was placed on a tripod in front of the radar system (hence the low quality of video shown here).  Shown in the pictures below are the experimental setups and some of the hardware.

All data shown here was acquired at MSU in the summer of ’07.

Radar imagery through a 4” solid concrete wall:

    6” diameter cylinder through a 4” solid concrete wall.

    12 oz soda can through a 4” solid concrete wall.

For reference, free-space imagery:

    6” diameter cylinder in free-space (no wall).

    12 oz soda can in free-space (no wall).


A Low-Power Radar Imaging System:  The Real-Time S-Band Through-Slab Antenna Array SAR Imaging System Imagery