MIT IAP Phased Array Radar Course 2012


Build a Small Phased Array Radar System Capable of Imaging Moving Targets

Dr. Bradley Perry, Dr. Jonathan Paul Kitchens, Dr. Patrick Bell, Dr. Jeffrey Herd, Dr. Gregory L. Charvat

Abstract (scroll down).

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G. L. Charvat, B. T. Perry, J. P. Kitchens. “The MIT IAP 2012 radar course: build a small phased array radar system capable of imaging moving targets,” The Boston Chapters of the IEEE Life Members, AES, and Signal Processing Society, May 34, 2012.

Press &  Blogs

S. Reagan, 'First Pictures From the Pegboard Phased Array Radar,' January 25, 2012.

S. Reagan, 'DIY Phased Array Radar From Pegboard and Wi-Fi Antennas,' January 24, 202.